Practicing Real Estate Safety with Carl Carter

Carl Carter is the son of Beverly Carter, a real estate broker in North Little Rock, Arkansas, who, in 2014, was kidnapped and murdered while showing a home. Her murder sparked a national conversation about REALTOR safety within the industry. Since her death, Carl Carter founded the Beverly Carter Foundation and has spoken to thousands of real estate agents across the U.S. about the importance of REALTOR safety. As the Spring market heats up, Carl talks about his mother's tragic death and how it could have been avoided.

Take a listen:

Some of Carl's top tips for staying safe as a REALTOR:

  1. Before you meet a new client, make sure they're legitimate. Get a copy of their identification, proof of funds and Google them.

  2. Tell people where you are. These days there are apps like Find my friends where your friends and family can follow you and know where you are.

  3. Insist on a pre-showing buyer consultation and hold it in a public place.

  4. Trust your gut. If something doesn't feel right, bring someone with you or don't go at all.

For more information about the Beverly Carter foundation, visit their website: