Incorporating Core Values into the Know Like Trust Factor

Are you incorporating your core values into your day-to-day activities? Are you saying yes when you want to say no? Betti and Christine did Debra Trappen's core values exercise. In this episode, they share their 11 core values and explain how they incorporate them into their lives and how they relate to the know-like-trust factor.

Here are some of our biggest take-aways:

  1. "Doing this exercise and choosing the words that best resonate with you consciously makes you aware of who you are, and then you can focus more on what means most to you." - Betti Russo

  2. "If I’m focused on my physical, emotional and mental well-being, deepening my connection with others and being intentional in my decision making, then I can serve my family and my relationships." - Christine George

  3. "There's nothing more important to me than my family and my health. If I don't feel well either physically, emotionally or mentally then I cannot be my best for my family, myself or my business." - Betti Russo

  4. "Since COVID and my cancer diagnosis I have re-prioritized what's most important and very intentionally think about what I do and how that serves what's most important to me." - Christine George

  5. "Creating a good work life balance is crucial to creating my best life." - Betti Russo

  6. "I tell people I love them all the time and I mean it." - Christine George

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