How to Build a Business Community with Laura Monroe

Laura Monroe is the Global Head of Community at Inman News. She's an influencer and is incredibly smart and charismatic. I think you’ll find her to be incredibly down-to-earth. She has a really beautiful flow and grace about her. She’s curious and she works everyday to lift up those in her community including a group of theatrical teens. Tune in to hear more.

This episode was loaded with great are just a few..

  1. "My role is helping brands, companies and people really understand not just what their potential is but what they truly give back to the world."

  2. "Vanity and ego is really the first thing that will drive most any decision to do something, and I think we really need to get away from that."

  3. "I keep people engaged in a way where their purpose is about learning and being better."

  4. "Your circle can drag you down, or be a force multiplier. Who do you spend your time with? Teams that cheer each other on, impact effort, engagement, and excitement. Your headspace directs everything else. Instead of fighting against it, make your environment work for you." - Dr. Julie Gurner

  5. "This is exactly what works, shinning the light on other people and letting them sit there in their power."

  6. "Show up in the world with grace, stay curious and keep moving forward."

You can find the amazing Laura here on Facebook.