How Being Present and Authentic Attracts Like-Minded People with Lisa Fritzky

Lisa Fritzky is Betti's real estate business partner in North Jersey, and while they work very closely together, Lisa brings her own unique flavor to the team. Lisa is kind, giving, and incredibly talented (she's a vocalist at her church). Her positivity and warmth is absolutely contagious.

Our favorite Lisa Fritzky quotes:

  1. "I felt the need to dive into this industry and be able to serve people in a way that I felt could benefit people."

  2. "I believe that when you're present in the community you're serving in whatever capacity, it's very important to be your authentic self."

  3. "I stand in front of hundreds of people every week and sing, but I'm not singing to them or at them, I'm singing with them."

  4. "Whatever you're passionate about, do it with passion and love and do it because you feel it in a genuine way, and that draws people to you."

  5. "As we gather back together in office meetings or family gatherings, I see how emotionally charged it is being able to connect with people again. The beauty of social media was being able to remain connected in this strange time in our lives."

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