Escue Real Estate Grows, Up with Zinnia

In this episode, we talked with Linda O' about her new venture, Zinnia, a new concept in the real estate space that delivers an all-in-one growth platform to teams and brokerages. Lisa Escue, a top real estate agent in Trophy Club, TX, and her husband, Mark, took a leap of faith to become Zinnia's first client when they launched their new brokerage, Escue Real Estate.

This conversation is proof of how the Know Like Trust concept can work in your favor. Take a listen..

Our top take-aways from this chat,

  1. "Take care of the people and the money will take care of itself." - Lisa Escue

  2. "Know like trust is..critical." - Linda O'

  3. "By taking care of the clients I have, I get the clients I want." - Lisa Escue

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