With Christine George and Betti Russo


We're big believers that when your clients know, like, and trust you, something magical happens. You become the authority in your niche; you attract like-minded people, your business thrives, and most importantly, you feel great because you've helped people and built valuable relationships along the way.


As social media marketing junkies, real estate professionals, and women with a combined 60 years of business experience, we've met some of the most incredible people in the real estate and social media marketing space. In this podcast, we'll share our experiences, tools, and tips, and those of our expert guests on how to live, work and thrive with a Know, Like, Trust mentality.

Meet Your Hosts

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Christine George

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Christine George is a marketing professional, real estate enthusiast, Mom, wife, and yogi. She oversees all marketing-related activities for Leading Edge, an independent residential real estate brokerage in Greater Boston. She is also responsible for leading the business planning process for agents, including business planning and marketing strategies, coaching, and accountability.


Her passion is her yoga practice and her blog, BelieveInBalance, in which she shares her experiences and provides tools and resources to help people create a more balanced life.

Betti Russo

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Betti Russo is a real estate broker in New Jersey, a home stager, and is certified in luxury home marketing. A wife and mom to two strong young women, her family can often hear her saying, "I do what I love and I love what I do." Having the know-like-trust mentality plays such a significant role in that.

Betti is also the creator and host of the North Jersey Lifestyle & Real Estate Show, where she shares valuable real estate wisdom and highlights local businesses in the communities that she serves.

Being in the real estate industry has given Betti the gift of presence while raising her family and nurturing a business she loves.



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